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What is Hunan Food exactly?

Hunan cuisine is infamous for its use of the chili pepper. They are also known for using smoking techniques in their cooking as well as mixing in lots of shallots and garlic.

Brandy Ho’s highlights Hunan cuisines smoking techniques with their array of smoked products. If you love that strong smoky flavor, Brandy Ho’s Smoked Ham with Cloves of Garlic is a “must try”!

Brandy Ho’s is located in San Francisco’s old red-light district, the Barbary Coast. In the early 20th century, this area was filled with jazz clubs, concert saloons and even brothels. Down the block from City Lights bookstore and around the corner from Mr. Bing’s, Brandy Ho’s has become part of the neighborhood staples.

On October 18, 1980, brothers, Brandy, Jack and Sedgewick, realized their lifelong dream of starting their own family restaurant and opened their doors to the public. Being the eldest, Brandy took the leadership role and managed the business. From the open kitchen, Sedgewick’s culinary skills became the main attraction. Jack, the youngest, started as a server, but now can be found running the show.

Brandy Ho’s has always captivated the attention of customers from all around the world. Located at the border of Chinatown and North Beach, tourists are able to stop in for authentic Hunan food as they are coming and going from the numerous sightseeing landmarks in the area. For those people in the financial district who love their Happy Hour, Brandy Ho’s has a full bar and several Happy Hour specials and is well within walking distance. And, it’s also a great place to find something affordably delicious, especially after a long day of shopping downtown.

Voted "Best Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco" and "Best Hunan Style Restaurant in San Francisco" by San Francisco Focus Magazine.
Declared the city's "Best Chinese Restaurant" by the San Francisco Guardian Readers' Poll.
Awarded the Overall Design Excellence award for "Best Interiors" and First Place in the Contract Design Category - Hospitality by Northern California Home and Garden Magazine.
Brandy Ho was profiled in Time Magazine's feature story on "Successful First Generation Immigrants."
Here you'll find some of the hottest--and perhaps the best--Hunan in the city..... there's no question that this is one of San Francisco's most popular Chinese restaurants. - Citysearch.com
Bay City Guide - By Raymond Quinton
Brandy Ho's first restaurant on Columbus Avenue is very close to my heart. When I first arrived in the Bay Area, it quickly became one of my favorite lunch spots. I loved it...I recommend fried dumplings with sweet and sour sauce, mo si vegetables, or any of the soups to start, all are excellent. You can then pick from over 50 entrees, ranging from seafood specialties to vegetarian dishes. I'll say that whatever you choose, you won't be disappointed. Why not order several dishes and have a little taste test? If you can't decide what you want, the servers will gladly recommend something.